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Our Philosophy

Our goal for each child at the May Family Nursery School at Central Synagogue is to provide a strong foundation for personal fulfillment, academic success, and connection to Judaism throughout their lives.

In every class and at every age, children’s awareness of the world grows as they play, engage with interesting and developmentally appropriate materials, form friendships, learn how to collaborate with others, and begin the process of becoming lifelong learners with a growing sense of self-confidence, responsibility, and independence, as well as the richness that diversity offers.

Our focus on emergent curriculum inspired by Reggio Emilia and other child-centered, experiential based philosophies invites children to think imaginatively and to wonder. The interests of the children themselves become a starting point for in-depth, integrated exploration across all academic disciplines. From language, math, science, and social studies to music and art, children make connections and develop their own understanding with the guidance of teachers who are attuned to each child’s learning style and individuality and know how to help extend their knowledge, as they ponder, explore, and problem solve.