Clergy Sermons

At Central Synagogue

Sermons from April 2015

Julia R. Cadrain
Parashat M’tzorah

Julia R. Cadrain  |  April 24, 2015

In reality, we all have things that we hold onto, that we feel set us apart from everyone else – things that make us feel separate from our community, and outside the camp. Sometimes, these are things that aren't visible to those around us. Maybe your secret is about mental illness – depression, or anxiety. Maybe it's about addiction. Maybe it's something about your family of origin – a past that you try to get away from, or hide. Maybe it's about loving someone of the same sex, or longing for a different gender identity. We all have our own stories and secrets, visible or invisible.

Andrew Straus
Parashat Sh’mini II

Andrew Straus  |  April 17, 2015

Maurice A. Salth
Parashat Sh’mini

Maurice A. Salth  |  April 10, 2015