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20s & 30s presents…A Conversation With Emily Wolf

Thursday, October 20, 2022, 7:30–8:30 pm


Zoe Greene is approaching her 30th birthday not with celebrations in mind, but by recovering from an abortion, planning a divorce, negotiating family drama, and later, reentering the modern dating pool. Using humor and unfiltered truth (and Zoe’s favorite rock band, U2), Houston-based author Emily Wolf’s debut, My Thirty-First Year (And Other Calamities), illuminates the realities of womanhood, and connects to them through shared challenges, resilience, and hope.

We're thrilled to welcome Emily to Central for a sparky and sparkling conversation with Jake Stepansky, Program Manager for Adult Programs. The first 15 registrants to this event will receive a free copy of the book.

“Years ago, I benefited from a safe and legal abortion. I didn’t need the abortion to save my life. I needed it to live my life—fully and freely. I want my women readers to reflect on or anticipate their twenties and thirties and be able to say something out loud, mourn something, laugh at it, or release it,” said Emily.

My Thirty-First Year (And Other Calamities) is published by She Writes Press in both print and ebook formats. The audiobook is produced by Dreamscape Media with Cady Zuckerman narrating.

About the Author

Emily is an ardent feminist, U2 fan, and native Chicagoan. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Emily now lives in Houston with her husband, children, and dogs. She volunteers with Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and with her synagogue’s Board of Trustees and Social Justice Core Team. Emily has published several essays in the Houston Chronicle and on