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At Central Synagogue

Sermons from September 2015

Rabbi Stephanie Kolin & Rabbi Ari Lorge
Parashat Ki Tavo

Rabbi Stephanie Kolin & Rabbi Ari Lorge  |  September 4, 2015

When we at Central Synagogue saw that the Reform movement would join the NAACP on a march from Selma to DC, 860 miles carrying a Torah that will make the entire trip – to raise a voice for equal voting rights, for equal access to good education, for a reform of the criminal justice system, and to say that we are in this together – we were moved by the opportunity. Rabbi Lorge and I along with the inspiring, and hilarious Alan Herman, Jeremy Fielding, and Freeman Shore, had the great honor of representing our congregation, as part of 200 Reform rabbis and countless congregants that have joined this march to our nation's capital. Our leg was 21 miles. We would love to share just a small handful of the moments and the experiences that shaped our team on this journey.

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