Clergy Sermons

At Central Synagogue

Latest Sermons

Julia R. Cadrain
Finding Each Other in Memory

Julia R. Cadrain  |  September 21, 2018

Stephanie D. Kolin
A Word to Change the Course of History

Stephanie D. Kolin  |  September 21, 2018

Ari S. Lorge
Would You Be Proud?

Ari S. Lorge  |  September 21, 2018

Angela W. Buchdahl
Joy is Central on Yom Kippur

Angela W. Buchdahl  |  September 20, 2018

Jeremy Fielding
Yom Kippur Appeal 5779

Jeremy Fielding  |  September 19, 2018

Your support and generosity is critical. It is what allows our team to lead worship, give pastoral care to those in need, educate our children and adults, open our arms and doors to those interested in exploring Judaism, do good in our city and our world, and countless other ways large and small where we make Reform Judaism count in people’s lives.

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