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Giving is Central

November 20, 2018 | Programs and Events

We continue to discover month-by-month the ways our tradition helps us find the essential religious element of joy in our lives. This month, we explore the practice of Tzedakah. Jewish tradition commands us to give to those in need, and science shows that doing so brings us joy.

Watch as Rabbi Lori Koffman explains how Tzedakah can bring you joy, then try committing to one or more of these practices.

1) Make a point to carry small bills or change in an easily accessible place. When you see someone on the street asking for money, use the money you’ve set aside to give them some. When you do so, look them in the eye and wish them well.
2) Take part in #GivingTuesday by donating to an organization of your choice. If you’d prefer to donate your time, you can find wonderful volunteer opportunities here.
3) In a CORE Group or with friends, get together to discuss why and how we’re commanded to give using this guide.

4) Watch below as our youngest members share their ideas about performing the act of tzedakah:

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