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Center for Exploring Judaism

The Center for Exploring Judaism was started at Central Synagogue in 2010. It is a place where anyone wishing to explore Jewish life is welcome. Couples and singles alike are invited to take our courses, receive guidance and counseling, and join our community. We are grateful for the chance to welcome newcomers to Judaism in any capacity. This video tells our story, and highlights some couples who have been through the Center. There are plenty of individuals who join our program as well:


About the course

Taught by Rabbi Lisa Rubin and other Educators, this semester-long course will give students a foundation in the basic tenets of Judaism. Areas such as history, holidays, life-cycle events, theology, prayer, and communal life will be explored through foundational Jewish texts, beliefs, and customs.

Registration is required along with a preliminary meeting with Rabbi Lisa Rubin and the course will close when class is full.

The course is open to non-Jews alone or non-Jews with their Jewish partners, who are either members or non-members of Central Synagogue.

For students exploring the possibility of converting to Judaism, this course serves as the first prerequisite step at Central Synagogue. Jewish partners of potential converts are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend classes.

Students exploring conversion will also meet once a month with the instructor or other clergy for individual mentorship meetings.

The cost for the program is $850 per student (partners of students attend free). No one will be turned away for financial reasons. If you have concerns about payment, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call her at (212) 838-5122 x5002.

If you have any questions, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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We are now accepting registrations for the July 2021 cohort. Please register below.


Our People

Rabbi Lisa Rubin

Rabbi Lisa Rubin

Director, Center for Exploring Judaism

Rabbi April Davis

Rabbi April Davis

Rabbi, Center for Exploring Judaism

Chelsea Werde

Administrative Assistant, Adult Engagement and Center for Exploring Judaism

Required Reading

Students should purchase the following books prior to the first class:

Essential Judaism: A Complete Guide to Beliefs, Customs, and Rituals
by George Robinson

Finding God
by Rifat Sonsino and Daniel B. Syme

Introduction to Judaism: A Sourcebook
compiled and edited by Stephen J. Einstein and Lydia Kukoff

The Jewish Home: A Guide for Jewish Living
by Daniel B. Syme

Tanakh (Jewish Bible)

by Elie Wiesel