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The Art of Healing: A Talisman Workshop

Tuesday, April 2, 2024, 7:15–8:30 pm

In Person (Lese Lobby)

In today’s broken world, we’re all in need of healing. Guided by artist and new Central member Michal Nachmany, experience a mystical tradition from our Jewish past by making your own talisman – a religious or magical object intended to protect and heal. Using a combination of found objects, Hebrew words from prayers and ancient talismans, and small items from home (photos, buttons, beads, etc), you’ll create a portable and personal piece of Jewish art that evokes healing and comfort. 

Michal Nachmany is a self-taught mixed-media and collage artist who has exhibited in solo shows in the U.S., Taiwan, and Poland. Nachmany has conducted multiple collage-making workshops. She is also an educator who teaches modern and liturgical Hebrew in rabbinical schools, synagogues, and elsewhere. Nachmany grew up in Jerusalem, where the mixture of cultures, people, architecture, objects, colors, sounds, and smells from the streets and the markets of Jerusalem shaped her awareness of the past as a foundation of the present. Keep an eye out for her upcoming exhibition at Central Synagogue.