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Standing Together: Israelis and Palestinians Pursuing Peace

Thursday, May 30, 2024, 12:00–1:00 pm

Virtual (Zoom)

In an increasingly hostile political landscape, Standing Together’s coalition of progressive Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel is mobilizing for equality, peace, and justice. Alon Lee Green and Sally Abed come together to explore the challenges and possibilities of building an Israeli-Palestinian society that is truly inclusive for all. Rabbi Sarah Berman moderates this conversation on fostering partnership, hope, and change.

Alon Lee, in addition to being the National Co-Director and founder of Standing Together, has been an engaged activist in Israeli society for over a decade. He was the organizer of Israel’s first trade union of waiters, was a prominent leader of Israel’s social protest movement, and worked in the Knesset as a political advisor, building citizens’ campaigns and influencing parliamentary decisions.

Sally Abed is a member of the national leadership at Standing Together. In recent years, Sally has become a prominent Palestinian voice in Israel, advocating progressive causes for social and climate justice, and highlighting their connection to the struggle for peace and an end to the occupation through building a new majority in Israeli society. Sally is the Co-host of Groundwork - a podcast series about Palestinians and Jews refusing to accept the status quo and working to change it. In the recent municipal elections, Sally was elected to the city council of Haifa as the first Palestinian woman leading a joint list in Israel.