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At Central Synagogue

The Ethical Life (A JTS Curriculum)

Date: Thursdays, September 27 – December 20, 6:00 pm
Location: Announced upon registration

Taught by Joe Septimus

“The Ethical Life” is about you. Your uniqueness, your choices, your community, your informed inclinations, your personal imperatives and the questions you choose to ask. We will use the JTS Curriculum as a spring board to explore various ethical issues, from conceptual issues like; do you need God or religion to be ethical, and filtering down to contemporary and practical ethical issues. We will primarily discuss “Jewish Ethics” and what our thinkers, texts and practices have to say about issues old and new, but we will also explore the philosophical and procedural issues that undergird ethical development including the foundational questions of “what is my responsibility to improve myself and the world around me”, “what if my ethical principles and religious understanding are at odds”,  “how does one infuse Judaism, a traditional system that draws from text and precedent, with contemporary knowledge and practices” and “in what ways is my uniqueness as a human being an ethical imperative for me to contribute”? Our goal will be to learn from our texts and one another, and to grow as Jews, in our knowledge, our hearts and our hands and feet.

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