Wednesday, April 24, 2019

10 am
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Poetry Toward a Promised Land: A New Haggadah

Location: Community House

From: Wednesdays, March 6 – April 24, 10:30 am


Taught by Jessica Greenbaum

A sneak preview of a forthcoming Poetry Haggadah from the Central Conference of American Rabbis. Pairing traditional haggadah liturgy with thematic poetry from 70+ poets, this text enhances engagement between tradition, history, themes of Exodus, and the aspirational self participating in a Seder. We will study two steps of the Seder per week, and read and write our own poems.

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5 pm
1 event

Learning with Rabbi Peter Rubinstein

Location: Lindenbaum Pavilion

From: Wednesdays, February 20, March 27, April 24, 5:30 pm


Taught by Rabbi Peter Rubinstein

Feb. 20: The Evolution of the Jewish Calendar: Part I- Are the High Holidays Ever on Time?
Mar. 27: The Evolution of the Jewish Calendar: Part II- What We Learn from the Book of Esther (The Diaspora in the Persian Empire)
Apr. 24: Coming Through the Sea:The Beginning of Jewish History?

Join Rabbi Emeritus Peter Rubinstein and fellow members for engaging and challenging learning sessions on a variety of topics related to Jewish learning.

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