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Book Talk: Real Friends Talk About Race

Tuesday, June 6, 2023, 12:00 pm–1:00 pm

Virtual (Zoom & Facebook Livestream)

U.S. culture and history have impacted our ability to build trust and healthy relationships among people from different racial backgrounds. How can we empower ourselves to have meaningful conversations about race and create the building blocks for change? Rabbi Lisa Rubin is joined by Yseult P. Mukantabana – one of the authors of Real Friends Talk About Race – to discuss this essential guide for fostering stronger interracial relationships with friends, family, and loved ones.   

Yseult Polfliet Mukantabana is a Rwandan, Jewish, queer woman. Mukantabana is the co-founder of Kinswomen podcast, named top podcast from Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Marie Claire magazine. Her passion for deep and uncomfortable conversations inspired a new podcast coming out at the end of May, Tell Me Who You Are, this time about the quest for identity and how people come about defining who they are. 

Yseult is also an expert research fellow at The Tel Aviv Institut, which was created to address, educate, and consult on those wanting to combat antisemitism. Finally, her love for the arts has led her to join POWarts, a nonprofit organization meant to support and uplift professional women in the art world.