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High Holy Days 5775

Central Synagogue  |  September 6, 2013

Angela W. Buchdahl
Honoring Your Parents Is the Hardest Commandment (Rosh HaShanah 5775)

Angela W. Buchdahl  |  September 24, 2014

What’s the secret to a long and prosperous life? The bestseller list overflows with self-help books that have tried to answer that question. But the ultimate answer is laid out simply in our Torah, the bestselling book of all time. The fifth of the Ten Commandments reads: “Honor your father and your mother that you may long endure and fare well on the land that the Eternal your God is giving you.” Put simply: honor your parents and you will live long and prosper.

Jessica Greenbaum
“Passages” through the Wall (S’lichot 5775)

Jessica Greenbaum  |  September 20, 2014

Greetings everyone. I’m so glad to be here and try to pool our thoughts on how we do the slippery work of wholly focusing on Yomim Noraim, the Days of Awe. I want to thank Livia Thompson and Central Synagogue’s clergy who have placed their faith in me on this special evening of study. Because some of the poems I’ve written concern themselves with the holidays, I’ve been invited to share with you the dynamic of my particular sensibility, one shaped primarily by a few forces (aside from love): poetry, essays, fiction, theater, and Judaism—in short, another cluttered space.

Angela W. Buchdahl
All of You (Parashat Nitzavim)

Angela W. Buchdahl  |  September 19, 2014

Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech HaOlam, chacham Harazim. Blessed are you Eternal our God, Knower of Secrets. This rare blessing found in the Talmud is used when you see an enormous gathering of Jews.  I think tonight counts. 

“Knower of Secrets.”  It’s not what you’d expect to call God in a blessing for seeing an enormous crowd.  But this blessing affirms God’s ability to know each and every one of us—those dreams we don’t share, those pains we can’t confess, our hidden joys—even in a huge assembly.

Rabbi Abrahamson on the Installation of Rabbi Buchdahl

Elizabeth Brown  |  September 19, 2014

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