Clergy Sermons

At Central Synagogue

Sermons from January 2016

Stephanie D. Kolin
Parashat Yitro

Stephanie D. Kolin  |  January 29, 2016

Mo Glazman
Parashat B’shalach

Mo Glazman  |  January 22, 2016

Reverend Dr. Jacqui Lewis
Parashat Bo: MLK Shabbat

Reverend Dr. Jacqui Lewis  |  January 15, 2016

Ari S. Lorge
Being a Goel (Parashat Va-eira)

Ari S. Lorge  |  January 8, 2016

We're going to begin tonight's d’rash in a little bit of an unorthodox way. We're actually going to start with a pop quiz. I promise this will not be that bad. Nobody's going to have any anxiety dreams about coming to shul.

The first question is multiple choice: Every Pesach, every Passover, we drink four cups of wine at the seder. Why four glasses of wine?

Stephanie D. Kolin
Parashat Sh’mot

Stephanie D. Kolin  |  January 1, 2016