Clergy Sermons

At Central Synagogue

Sermons from June 2014

Maurice A. Salth
Parashat Chukat

Maurice A. Salth  |  June 27, 2014

Ari S. Lorge
Parashat Korach

Ari S. Lorge  |  June 20, 2014

Peter J. Rubinstein
Farewell Shabbat for Rabbi Rubinstein (Parashat Sh’lach L’cha)

Peter J. Rubinstein  |  June 13, 2014

Very often, rabbis say “there are just no words,” and then we go on to talk. The amazing thing about all this is that I had no idea what was happening. And in fact, the perfect means by which this congregation through this year has indicated what meaning I’ve had in your lives, and that you’ve had in mine, is that you made sure I didn’t know what was happening.

Peter J. Rubinstein
Parashat B’haalot’cha

Peter J. Rubinstein  |  June 6, 2014