Sounds of Healing

At Central Synagogue

Music Team Notes


Min hameitzer, karati Yah. Odecha ki anitani

My heart cried out to you from a narrow place. Your answer came to me from a wide open space.

Psalm 118:5, 22 (Translation by Noah Aronson)

We created Sounds of Healing to help us all call out from our narrow places, and give voice to our heartaches. We hope it brings you comfort and healing in those moments when words alone fall short. We are grateful for the gift of serving and supporting our community through the music we make together. With love and gratitude – Rabbi Angela Buchdahl, Cantors Daniel Mutlu and Julia Cadrain, & David Strickland



Cantors Daniel Mutlu and Julia Cadrain, and Rabbi Angela Buchdahl

Music Director:

David Strickland

The Band:

Elana Arian: Violin, Guitar
Ivan Barenboim: Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone
David Strickland: Piano, Organ, Keyboards

Produced by Cantors Daniel Mutlu and Julia Cadrain, Rabbi Angela Buchdahl, David Strickland, and Bill Siegmund
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Bill Siegmund, Digital Island Studios; Central Synagogue & St. Columba Church; NY, NY; Summer 2017

Cover Photo by Alan Barnett
Jacket Design by Jessica Accamando

With gratitude

to the Zipp family (Martha, Brian, Elena and Jack) for their generous support of Central Synagogue’s thriving musical tradition.

Sounds of Healing

Release Date: October 2017

Track Listing

  1. Mi Shebeirach (Music: Debbie Friedman)
  2. Hashkiveinu (Music: Cantor Daniel Mutlu)
  3. Aneini (Music & English Text: Noah Aronson)
  4. Oh Guide My Steps (English Text & Music: Deborah Jacobson, Ufros Aleinu Melody: Julie Silver)
  5. Sanctuary (Words & Music by John Thompson and Randy Scruggs)
  6. Adonai Ro’i [Psalm 23] (Music: Gerald Cohen)
  7. Hashkiveinu (Music: Dan Nichols)