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Chanukah 2023

Chanukah 2023

Join with your community this holiday as we spread the light of Chanukah and rejoice in the miracles around us, large and small.

Community Menorah Lighting

As we light the Chanukah candles each winter, we are reminded of Jewish communities throughout history who never gave up courage and hope, even in the face of discrimination and hatred. This year, against the backdrop of an increasingly fractured and chaotic world, we aim to honor this proud legacy by kindling—and spreading—our own light in the darkness. Join us each night of Chanukah to light candles, celebrate as a community, and brighten your holiday with visions of hope from luminaries, activists, communal leaders, and educators.

Central members should check their email inbox for the Zoom registration link to the community menorah lighting. The public may stream the programs each night via Facebook Live. We look forward to spreading our light together this Chanukah—and carrying the resilient spirit of the holiday year-round.

Here's our stellar lineup:

Thursday, December 7, 6:00 pm, Virtual
Amy Spitalnick, CEO, Jewish Council for Public Affairs

Friday, December 8, 6:00 pm, In Person & Virtual
Shabbat Services in our Main Sanctuary with Clergy

Saturday, December 9, 6:00 pm, Virtual
Dr. Mijal Bitton, Research Fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute and the Rosh Kehilla (communal leader) and co-founder of the Downtown Minyan in New York City.

Sunday, December 10, 6:00 pm, Virtual
Bishop Matt Heyd, Bishop Coadjutor of the Episcopal Diocese of New York

Monday, December 11, 6:00 pm, Virtual
Israel Civil Advocacy Center

Tuesday, December 12, 6:00 pm, Virtual
Alexandra Corwin, Executive Director, Ammud: The Jews of Color Torah Academy

Wednesday, December 13, 6:00 pm, Virtual
Edun Sela, CEO, Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM)

Thursday, December 14, 6:00 pm, Virtual
The Coming Home Leadership Team: Led by Dr. Dawn Ravella and Sequan Prude

Share Your Miracles Using #JoyIsCentral

Help us light up our Instagram page this holiday! As you find joy and inspiration happening in your lives this Chanukah, snap a picture, post on social media, and use the hashtag #JoyIsCentral and tag us at @CentralSynagogue to be featured in our stories. We want to see how you celebrate with loved ones, the kindling of your candles, the final touches on your sufganiyot and other oily treats, how you are caring for yourself, others, and the world, and more. Whatever you find meaningful and brings you joy, share it with us.

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Blessing 1

Baruch atah, Adonai Eloheinu, Melech haolam, asher kid’shanu b’mitzvotav v’tsivanu l’hadlik ner shel Chanukah.

Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of all, who hallows us with mitzvot, commanding us to kindle the Chanukah lights.

Blessing 2

Baruch atah, Adonai Eloheinu, Melech haolam, she-asah nisim laavoteinu v’imoteinu bayamim hahaeim baz’man hazeh.

Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of all, who performed wondrous deeds for our ancestors in days of old at this season.

Blessing 3 (first night only):

Baruch atah, Adonai Eloheinu, Melech haolam, shehecheyanu v’kiy’manu v’higianu laz’man hazeh.

Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of all, for giving us life, for sustaining us, and for enabling us to reach this season.