At Central Synagogue

Rabbi Buchdahl and Cantor Mutlu Bring Good Luck to the Mets on an Exciting Sunday at Citi Field

Posted July 31, 2019

Last Sunday, July 28, more than 100 congregants, staff, members of clergy and their families joined together to fill the (thankfully, shaded) section 137 of Citi Field.

Rabbi Angela Buchdahl and Cantor Daniel Mutlu kicked off the day with a beautiful rendition of the national anthem, arranged by Music Director David Strickland, which you can watch here.  (Cantor Cadrain is feeling great but wisely decided that singing in 90 degrees at 9 months pregnant was out!)

We wouldn’t want to claim that Central clergy brought divine attention to the game, but the Mets undeniably triumphed over the Pirates, with an impressive 6-run first inning, including a 2-run homer that sent the big, red apple into the air within minutes of the first pitch. The end score was 8-7 with the Mets beating the Pirates for their fourth consecutive win.

In addition to an exciting game, Central guests received Mets baseball caps embroidered with the Central Synagogue logo.