At Central Synagogue

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Posted August 30, 2017

<b>Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts</b>

It has been shattering to watch the images of those suffering in Houston. Our Senior Cantor, Daniel Mutlu, who just joined us in July from his Houston synagogue – Congregation Beth Israel, is in constant touch with his former clergy, congregants and community, and we will help as a congregation once it’s clear what Beth Israel and others need the most. We’ve been told the focus in Houston needs to stay in this immediate timeframe on rescue and recovery, so we’ve been advised to wait to offer targeted assistance. In the meantime, for those who want to pitch in financially, the URJ has put together a very helpful list of immediate service providers.

As the High Holy Days approach, the Unetanetokef liturgy comes unsettlingly to life…. “Who by fire, who by water.” We will do our part to show up for those who have lost everything.