At Central Synagogue

Discussion on the Recent News about Jerusalem

Posted December 14, 2017

Last Monday, we were fortunate to have Dr. Steven Bayme American Jewish Committee’s Director of Jewish Life join us to:

  • Discuss the history of Jerusalem during the past 100 years
  • Unpack what exactly has taken place in light of the recent announcement to move the Embassy to Jerusalem
  • Discuss the implications of this announcement for the future of Israel and Israeli-Diaspora relations

Dr. Bayme spent 30 minutes on these topics and spent an addition 30 minutes in conversation with Central’s own Rabbi Marion Lev-Cohen and with members of our community. We welcome you to listen to this important discussion via the video or the podcast. Both can be found below.

We want Central synagogue to be a community that thoughtfully investigates significant events that unfold around us, such as this news from last week. We will continue to find ways to help us understand our complex world with the help of experts and our sage tradition.