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Consider Donating a Kidney to a Central Congregant

Posted May 3, 2019

Recently three members of Central, Gerry Kane, Patty Manoff and Howard Cowan informed us that they are in various stages of renal failure and in need of a kidney.  Due to the miracles of modern-day medicine, all are candidates for a kidney transplant which would both save and dramatically improve their quality of life.  Equally miraculous, healthy individuals can become living donors who are able to live completely healthy, normal lives with minimal risk and no change in life-expectancy.

Watch the sermon from Friday, May 10th on the Value of Saving a Life Featuring Live Kidney Donor Josh Morrison


Shabbat Evening Services – Friday May 10, 6:00 pm, Main Sanctuary

At Shabbat evening services on Friday, May 10, we will hear from a living kidney donor about his choice to donate one of his kidneys to someone he had never met. We will explore the paramount Jewish principle of saving a life (pikuach nefesh) and discuss how Central members can learn more about donating a kidney.

Upcoming Informational Gathering at Central - date and time to be announced soon

We will be gathering for an information session to learn more about kidney donation at Central soon.  If you want to be notified of this meeting please email
The Sunday, May 19th brunch and information session at Temple Emanu-El has been cancelled.

How to Donate to a Central Congregant

You can learn more about donating a kidney to one of our congregants by emailing our partner Philter at or visit your contact information and that you are a connected to Central Synagogue interested in learning more about helping Gerry Kane, Patty Manoff and Howard Cowan who are in need of a kidney. You do not need to live in the New York area to be a donor.  They will return your communication promptly.

Learn More Online about Living Kidney Donation and the Jewish Value of Saving a Life (Pikuach Nefesh)

More information on living kidney donation is also available here.

Read Rabbi Asher Lopatin’s article: “The Jewish Value of Saving a Life.”

If You Need a Kidney

If you or someone you know in the Central community is on a transplant waiting list or in need of a kidney please send your contact information to and  They will get back to you promptly.  If you are comfortable with letting us know this information at Central please also notify Rabbi Salth at, this will help us at Central support you and your efforts.

If You Are a Donor or Know a Donor

If you or someone you know has been an organ donor, or is a transplant recipient, and you feel comfortable sharing, please let Rabbi Salth know at