At Central Synagogue

Confirmation Class Celebrates “Future Jewish Leaders”

Posted June 12, 2019

On Saturday, June 8, 17 tenth grade students affirmed their commitment to Judaism and led our community in prayer during our Confirmation and Shavuot Service.

In his remarks to the group, Board of Trustees President Jeremy Fielding said:
“Tonight we are filled with confidence that, however challenging the world appears for us as Jews right now, you are showing us what it is to be future leaders. We know you will step up, and bring us forward as the next generation of caring and thinking Jews.”

Rabbi Ari Lorge also noted,
We are enriched knowing that Judaism and the world will be better because you have chosen to make it a center piece of your identity, now and in the future.

The previous evening, students received an alyiah at Shabbat services and were blessed at consecration. Families and friends celebrated their accomplishments at an Italian-themed dinner in honor of their recent trip to Rome.