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At Central Synagogue

Israeli Spice Workshop and Dinner

Date: Monday, November 5, 6:30 pm
Location: Lindenbaum Pavillion

With Women Cook Delegates

Join us for a special evening of spices, cooking, eating, and storytelling on November 5. This spice workshop and dinner will be led by visiting female Israeli cooks from the organization Women-Cook, an Israeli social culinary initiative set up in 2006 to assist women from the periphery and distressed communities within Israel. Our visiting chefs represent the Moroccan, Bukharin, Ethiopian, and Yemenite culinary traditions. The guest chefs will present participants with unique spice blends from their vibrant culinary traditions, tell stories, and guide participants to collectively prepare various side-dishes. Upon finishing the preparations, participants will sit down together, get to know each other better and eat the delicious food that has been prepared. Participants can expect to enjoy a unique cultural experience, and treat for all the senses with beautiful traditional clothes, music and the wonderful aromas and flavors of delicious food. The program is open to members and non-members, and Adults and Children, 4th grade and higher.

Registration will remain open until 2 pm on Monday, November 5, 2018. For questions, please contact Lauren Dickel.

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