Tuesday, December 5, 2017

6 pm
1 event

Resilient Listening: Combatants for Peace

Location: Community House

From: 6:00 pm - 8:30pm


Heeding Rabbi Buchdahl’s call on Yom Kippur to engage in more “resilient listening” about Israel, we will be challenging ourselves to open our hearts and minds to different narratives about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The first event in this series will feature Combatants for Peace, a grassroots movement of Israelis and Palestinians who support a peaceful solution for all peoples in Israel. The co-founders of the organization were nominated this year for a Nobel Peace Prize. Join us as we welcome two former combatants – one Israeli, Nathan Landau, and one Palestinian, Osama Elewat – and listen to their personal stories.

Nathan served in the Israeli Defense Forces in of a unit that was tasked with arresting Palestinians deemed dangerous by the Israeli government. Throughout his service, he began to realize that there had to be a different solution to the conflict.

Osama grew up in the West Bank and, following the arrest of his father by Israeli troops, frequently threw rocks at Israeli soldiers and tagged walls with anti-Israel graffiti messages. These actions continued until a friend of his convinced him to sit down and talk with a group of Israelis.

Join us as we meet these two men and hear their stories.

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