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A Taste of Chanukah

Thursday, December 1, 2021, 7:30-8:30 pm


The crackle and fizz of latkes frying, the sweet tang of jelly oozing from a sufganiya, the rich smell of hot oil—the foods of Chanukah appeal to every one of our senses. Join us for a talk that celebrates the foods as well as the history of Chanukah, from the Lower East Side a century ago to our New York of today. Rabbi Ari Lorge and Dr. Annie Polland (Director of the Tenement Museum) will teach us all about the history of our immigrant ancestors, the foods they made to celebrate the Festival of Lights, and the diverse flavors that define the holiday for us today.

This may seem familiar, because Rabbi Lorge and Dr. Polland just did exactly this, in the most recent season of the Hulu series Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi. (They may even share some insider stories from filming the show!). Watching the Chanukah episode of Taste the Nation is recommended but not required to enjoy this program.