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At Central Synagogue

Learn Hebrew

Intermediate Hebrew

Taught by Jackie Schreiber

This class is appropriate for those who would like to continue their Hebrew study and focus on the root system, vocabulary, verb conjugation, and reading comprehension.

Advanced Beginners Hebrew

Taught by Michal Nachmany

This is a class for those who have previously been introduced to Hebrew.  We will review the alphabet, vowels, and present-tense verb conjugation and begin to learn reading.

Study Texts

Weekly Torah Study

Taught by Rabbi Maurice Salth

Study the weekly Torah portion and engage in a lively discussion.  No Hebrew necessary.

Shabbat Torah Study

Taught by Rabbi Phil Hiat

How can we relate to the ancient lessons from the Torah to modern day?  Come and explore!  No Hebrew necessary.

Bible & Bagels

Taught by Rabbi Michael Friedman

Experience a line-by-line look at our sacred text from many perspectives.  No Hebrew necessary.

Alper Talmud Study

Taught by Rabbi Michael Friedman

Explore the laws and stories of this central text as we discuss rabbinic personalities, the development of the Jewish legal system, and the values that continue to guide us as Jews today.

Learning Judaism

Back to Basics

Taught by Cantor Julia Katz

This three-month course is open to all who want to learn about the fundamentals of Judaism. Back to Basics will cover life cycles, holidays, theology, customs, and rituals of liberal Judaism.  If you have never formally studied Judaism as an adult, or are trying to envision incorporating Judaism into your life, this course will provide a solid foundation for you.

The Florence Melton Adult Mini School

Melton is an internationally-renowned formal study program for adult Jewish study.  This two-year course is open to Jewish members and non-members who want to learn about Jewish living and history.

Learn more about Melton at Central.

Exploring Judaism

Non-Jews (and their Jewish partners) gain a foundation in the basic tenets of Judaism.  History, holidays, life cycle events, theology, prayer, and communal life will be explored through foundational Jewish texts, beliefs, and customs.

Learn more about Exploring Judaism.

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